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Designated Marksman Handbook


This is a 43-page pocket field guide which provides all necessary reference material for the DM. Rather than carrying a bulky data book, this field guide has all the information you need in a 4” x 6” spiral bound format. This handbook is available for $24.95 which includes shipping.


Equipment Checklist and Maintenance check
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Milling Targets: MOA reticle and MilDot reticles
Range Estimation

  • Milling the target
  • Mil and meter / MOA and yard formulas
  • Slant Range formulas

Common Conversion Formulas
Wind Estimation:

  • Wind Value and Clock Position
  • Adjustment Formulas


  • Temp, DA, Humidity, Elevation, Lighting

Moving Targets
Range Cards and DOPE
Firing Procedures
Optics and Configurations

Designated Marksman Handbook

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